About Networking Coeur d'Alene

About the Network CDA Group

All types of business within the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho region are welcome to join. We reserve one chair per profession. Whether you are a Self-employed small business or a corporation with 100′s of employees, we know that our sphere of connections make it possible to grow our own business as well as that of our members.

Partnering with one another we refer one another to others who may need that company’s services.

We also do not have any ridiculous member fees either. Network CDA asks only for a $50 per member fee for each year in order to advertise our group as well as other joint activities. We vote on what to do and are in general, a very casual group.

Network CDA Rules

  1. The attendance requirement is 3 out of 4 meetings per month.  After 3 times of not meeting the attendance policy, the category will be open for new members.  Notify a member of the leadership team if you are unable to attend.  Substitutes qualify for attendance.
  2. If a member misses 3 times with no communication the category will be open for a new member.  If we have not found someone to take that category in order for a said member to be reinstated they must pay a $25 reinstatement fee.
  3. You may take a leave of absence as long as it is approved by the board.
  4. One business per chair. (Cannot represent more than one business.)
  5. Only one commercial per person.  Cannot give a commercial for a member that is not present.
  6. Must purchase something from hosting restaurant.  There is no cost for the room as food purchase is in lieu of a room charge.
  7. Annual dues are $50 every January.  If you join the group in October you will be covered for the following year too.  Cost covers marketing materials and events, supplies, cards/flowers for members, website, etc.…
  8. It is the member’s responsibility to notify a member of the leadership team if they are not receiving weekly communication.
  9. Provide a biography for website of services and or products.