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Jared Shippey

Business Category:  Insurance Agent

COUNTRY Financial

I am a licensed Insurance Agent for COUNTRY Financial, who covers your Home and Auto Insurance. As an Insurance agent with COUNTRY Financial it is my job to meet with clients and help them protect what matters most to them. We take a different approach to insurance, and that is the personal approach. I look to educate and instill value in the policies I sell to the clients I meet with, I am not always looking to save you money but to make sure you have the right coverage in place in case something happens. Saving $10/month is nice, but when it ends up costing you thousands of dollars because coverage was not enough then it hits home. I am here to help protect you and your assets and make sure you and your family are covered. COUNTRY Financial is a different type of company, we take the simple steps to help you and your family.

Jared Shippey
COUNTRY Financial
Insurance Agent

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