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F1 for Help

F1 for Help

F1 for HELP has been in business for 17 years, the last 12 years in the same location. Our store front is located in the Westwood Plaza at 13785 West Highway 53 in Rathdrum Idaho.

For our business clients some of the services we offer on-site service, network installation and troubleshooting, server setup and maintenance, and workstation setup and maintenance.

There are some tasks that are uneconomical to perform on site which is why we have our store front.

Some of the services we offer from our office are new builds, refurbished builds, general maintenance including tune ups and virus / malware removal, and operating system installation.

We have remote support capabilities with the caveat that there are some problems that can not be resolved remotely.

The owner of the company, Joseph Hume, has been working on computers since the mid 80’s on systems ranging from the old Commodore 64’s / Atari 800XL’s, to the latest and greatest hardware currently available.

We work on computers and systems running a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, most versions of Mac OS, and the Red Hat and Debian based distributions of Linux.

Some of the many projects we have worked on over the years include countless network setups, router installation and maintenance, configuring remote access via a number of methods, camera system installation and maintenance, setting up web and email servers, and taking over maintenance on networks upwards of 20 connected devices.



office voice: 208.687.0183
office fax: 208.687.5838

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