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K9 Communication LLC

Hi I’m Kinsey, owner and balanced trainer here at K9 Communication. I have always had a passion for dogs and training from a very young age. Growing up I was a bit different, but I found animals didn’t care. Perhaps this is why I’ve always found myself around them. At a young age I was in a lawnmower accident leading to much of my childhood to the confines of a wheelchair, crutches, or walker. This however did not stop me. In fact did quite the opposite, it inspired me to make the most out of the life I was given, and chase my dreams. Work for them. And here I am, making my passion my profession as a dog trainer and hoping to educate and inspire owners to have the relationship they crave with their canine companions.

I grew up around animals, as young girl I raised rabbits, at 18 I worked with lions, tigers, and leopards at Boskoppie in South Africa, but in the end I always came back to dogs. Chasing my life long dream to become a dog trainer, I spent countless hours studying dog training and working with any dog I could get my hands on. At the age of 17 I volunteered at the Spokane Humane Society wanting nothing more than to help the animals in need, and gain experience while doing so. During my time at the SHS, I was honored to be awarded volunteer of the year in 2015. I worked with dogs and veterinarians as well as other local trainers to further my education, and now I’m excited to be working on something of my own.

When I’m not training dogs I enjoy drawing, singing, and swing dancing. I also have a huge love for vintage fashion. I live with my husband Otto, our two dogs “Rozie The Retriever”and “Floki the Viking” a Lab and a Shepherd/Heeler mix respectively.  I continue to pursue my passion as a trainer, while always seeking to learn more to continue my canine education. Because I don’t want to just be a trainer, I want to be a good trainer. And for true trainers out there, you never stop learning.

K9 Communication LLC
Kinsey Largen, Head Trainer

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